Clairemont Card is the only digital student id at Clairemont High, free.
We have always been required to have an id card-fear of losing it and simply not using it enough results in the physical student id card being left at home. We're here to ease the need to always carry the student id ruining your iPhone case, or taking up space in a wallet. Clairemont Card easily integrates with the Apple Wallet app, so you can just double tap your home button from the lock screen to bring up your id when you check out a textbooks at the library, or board the bus. We modernized the student id card. We made it easier to access. We eliminated the burdon of losing your id card. We created the Clairemont Card for you and you can get yours today, for free.

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Wallet Integration

Seamlessly integrates with the native Wallet app on your iPhone.


Security is important so we only allow 1 card per person, not per device.


Works with the school scanning systems. (yes, it works in the library)

Always Updated

When enabled, the card will update the latest design and info.


Add your own photo id picture so you're not stuck with the school forever.


You can't forget your card because your iPhone is always with you.



Specific design requirements are set by our integration partner so we designed the card around their sdk requirements.


Certificates and api keys are generated based on the card design enabling it to be integrated successfully with the Wallet app.


Two phases of testing ensure stability and functionality both ran through internal and external testing groups.


After successful testing, the Clairemont Card will be released and notified to the student population in September.

Clairemont Card | Available Now

Your virtual student id. Click here to get yours