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About the World History Final

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What's on the final?

  • Countries of the World
  • Capitals of the Countries
  • Important Peoples
  • Oceans of the World
  • Continents of Earth
  • Major Seas (Mediterranean & Caribbean)

Important People Study Guide

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"You only need to know the main points of each." -Mrs. Moore

Plato - Father of Philosophy (Greek); Influenced by Socrates (he was a student); wrote The Republic about ideal state
Aristotle - Student of Plato; wrote politics about the constititions of 158 states; concluded there were 3 good forms of government; monarchy, aristocracy, and constitutional government
Voltaire - From France, exiled to England; philosopher from Enlightenment; criticized French institutions compared to English; strong opponent of catholic church; satirist; critical of church and nobility
Montesquieu - Created checks and balances; created 3 branches of government. Believed in 3 types of government, Republics (Smaller), Despotism (larger), Monarchy (Moderate)
Locke - Believed humans had natural rights (Life, liberty, property); Social contract between government and people, Tabular Rasa, inspired American Revolution and French Revolution with natural rights
Adam Smith - Father of Economics, wrote The Wealth of Nations; Laissez Faire = Hands off (government should stay out of business); Laws of Supply and Demand; Law of Competition
Robespierre - “Incorruptible”; main leader of French Revolution; Created Reign of Terror; Contradicted his earlier beliefs of no death penalty, created many executions by Guillotine
Napoleon - Coup d’état of France after Revolution because of weak government; conquered much of Europe; meritocracy; downfall; trash attack in Russia; defeated at Battle of Waterloo
Marx - The Communist Manifesto; introduced ideas of socialism & against capitalism; believed only violence would bring a revolution; COMMUNISM
Wilson - Created peace treaty after WWI including 14 points; created League of Nations; president during WWI
Trotsky - Lenin’s right-hand man; great military leader (tactics); commissioner for Foreign Affairs during Lenin’s Reign; kicked out by Stalin when Lenin died.
Lenin - Founder of Russian Communist Party; first heado f Soviet Union; created New Economic Policy; shaped the Soviet Union
Stalin - DTransformed Soviet Union to industrial and military superpower; secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party when Lenin was in power; Great Purge (enemies; power threats); Leader after Lenin; Created Satellite States; Big Three
Gandhi - Nonviolent philosophy of passive resistance; Civil disobedience; imprisoned by British; led Indian independence movement; inspired many reforms
Mussolini - Italian Dictator during WW2; allied with Hitler and Needed his help to keep power; Early European fascist; inspired Hitler; OVRA = Secret Police; Black shirts; made deal with Catholic Church (Lateran Accords)
Hitler - Dictator of Germany during WWII, created Nazis and Final Solution. Gestapo = Secret police of Hitler; Brownshirts/Stormtroopers (SS)
Churchill - Prime minister of Britain during WWII; Wartime leader; one of the Big Three; Iron Curtain Speech; Led Brittan through war/ considered hero
FDR - One of the Big Three, Good Neighbor Policy; Self-Determinations for Europe; New Deal; Created programs like SS and food stamps to help people during the Great Depression. Created social security, gave labor unions more rights, increased minimum wage.
Mao - Led Communist Revolution in China, Little Red Book of his sayings; Great Leap Forward; Cultural Revolution; Red Guard; Significant figure in communism history. failed Five Year Plan
Chiang - Nationalist leader/Guomintang of China; Fled to Taiwan when Mao came to power; People of Taiwan thought he would bring democracy Military & political leader, led a successful unification of China
Truman - Decided to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ending WW11; Truman Doctrine; fight against communism; helped rebuild post-war Europe; led US into Korean War
Castro - Communist leader of Cuba; supported by Soviet Union; Leader during Cuban Missile Crisis; Totalitarian regime; Bay of Pigs
Brezhnev - Soviet Union Leader; Brezhnev Doctrine = the right of the Soviet Union to intervene if communism was threated in another state; Détente = improved relations with US; heavy industry
Ho - Communist leader of Vietnam; rebelled against French forces in Vietnam; tried to unite North Vietnam and anti-communism South Vietnam; Supported by Soviet Union
Mandela - First Black president of South Africa; Helped end segregation in South Africa; Ended apartheid; sign of oppression; led to change in south Africa; arrested for peaceful marches; got people to boycott South Africa in order to free him from prison
Walesa - Created Solidarity (national trade union); first n-communist president in 1990 for a long time; led the works for reforms; created wave of revolution in Poland; got Poland away from communism
Arafat - Leader of the PLO; lead the guerrilla movement al-Fatah against Israel; head of the semi-independent area called Palestinian Authority
Bin Laden - Former leader and founder of al-Qaeda; used al-Qaeda for terrorism to kill Americans; 9/11; Responsible for many terrorist attacks; killed in 2011

Switzerland Bulgaria Norway Austria Hungary Belgium Czech Republic Slovakia Germany Russia Sweden France Italy Denmark Greece Britain Finland Spain Albania Portugal Turkey The Netherlands Ireland Poland Serbia Ukraine

Study European Countires Here

India China Japan Korea Vietnam Cambodia Thailand Laos

Middle East
Israel Lebanon Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia Syria Jordan Kuwait Afghanistan Pakistan

Other Land
Central America Australia New Zeleand Brazil Hawaii USA Mexico Canada Alaska Egypt Libya Ethiopia South Africa

Other Water
Nile River Amazon River Mississippi River Caribbean Sea Mediterranean Sea
Bern, Switzerland
Oslo, Norway
Vienna, Austria
Budapest, Hungary
Brussels?, Belgium
Prague, Czech Republic
Berlin, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Tokyo, Japan
Copenhagen, Denmark
Athens, Greece
London, Britain
Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Ankara, Turkey
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dublin, Ireland
Warsaw, Poland
New Delhi, India
Beijing, China
Hanoi, Vietnam
Jerusalem, Israel
Beirut, Lebanon
Canberra, Australia
Brasília, Brazil
Washington DC, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Ottawa, Canada
Cairo, Egypt
Tripoli, Libya
Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfotein, South Africa
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Manila, Philippines
Baghdad, Iraq

Study the Capitals Here
Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Southern

North America, South America, Europe Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica

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