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Never for get your student id again when you check out a book for English.

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We strive to ensure everyone has access to our resources with our online network of services. View resources such as notes, vocabulary, practice tests and more for each supported class with our site.

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Vocab + Notes

We share vocab and notes formulated by multiple students that passed the class with a 90% or better. Our notes are proven to increase your grade in as little as one week.

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Make Life Easier is an online resource for students to use. Know what to study, and study more efficently with Over 300 students have used our site to pass at least one class.

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Find what people want and how you can help the problem. How can you fill the gap. That's what we do before designing.


We formulate the resources and services needed in order to fill the gap for the general public.


The most exciting part for us is cohesively inserted lots of resources into an aesthetically pleasing interface.


We create an intruging video and tweet our followers to notify people about our new classes and services.

Beyond The Website

Educational Tools

One thrid of our focus is set upon the classes and study resources we provide to the world, for free.


A collaboration of talented young photographers and hobbyists awaiting your photographic requests. This new service will be available soon at extremely compettive pricing.

Technology Assistance

Whether you need help setting up email on your phone, or diagnosing your printer, we can help. Our comptetitive pricing is
60% cheaper on average than top competitors including GeekSquad, Apple Genius Bar and iRepair shops.





Unlimited Class Tools

Infinite Study Resources

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Computer Repair Center

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Unprecidented Service

Computer & TV Support

Networking & Wifi

Cheapest Provider Alive

Software Installation

iPhone and Android Support


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Drone Photography

Individual Portraits

Group Photos

Landscape / Realestate

Amateur Photographers in SD

$25/hour, Subject to Change



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